B Micronizing mill (Impactor)

B Micronizing Mill is specially designed to grind semolinas and other fine particles quickly and effectively, producing large quantities of flour without exposing the product to high temperatures.

Molino micronizador de impacto para moler granos y cereales

Micronizing mills have a row of fixed pins inside which moveable pins rotate. Because of the high relative speed between the pins, the perforated plate or sieve sleeve used in other types of mills is unnecessary. By regulating the speed, the distance between bolts and their taper, different grain sizes can be obtained.

  • Our impact mills are used in various industries:
    In flour mills it replaces cylinder banks as a machine for grinding . Its use is recommended in some smooth passages, given its capacity to produce larger quantities of flour. In this way, the work of the rest of the machines involved in the milling stage is relieved.
  • In the rest of the industry, it is used in fine grinding or micronizing for cases in which other mills, such as the hammer mill due to its perforated plate, are not applicable.

Technical information


                                  *The capacity depends on the product and the desired granulometry.

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