Rice Mills

Rice is one of the most consumed cereals by man. It is a food that gives us an important caloric intake in a natural way and must be of the best quality. To achieve this, it is necessary that the industry dedicated to this purpose, process the rice grains with appropriate machinery that we supply.
For example, we have machines for the classification of rice grains, such as sieves, SDA disc separators and BPM single-channel sifters.

The rice industry can also generate by-products or make micronized rice. That is why we have complete milling and sifting systems that will allow them to achieve the desired granulometry.

After generating the final product, it is essential to store it safely. That is why we are also dedicated to the construction of special silos with different types of extractors.

For the rice to reach the final consumers, it must go through multiple processes, among which is the transport: for this reason we also manufacture pneumatic and mechanical transport, bucket elevators and HSF screw conveyors.

The final product or by-product must be free of impurities. For this purpose, we manufacture modern suction and air filtering systems, including cyclones and fans, and HDF bag filters, for dust extraction and control.
We guarantee the correct preservation of the product until it reaches the final consumer, providing the appropriate equipment for its correct packaging. This is one of the last processes that rice undergoes, but it is no less important.

Typical diagram of micronized rice milling

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