CPLG screen for grain cleaning

Horizontal drum screen

CPLG horizontal drum screen is used for separation sieving of particles coarser than the product flowing from it. It has a brush inside that keeps the perforations of the machine clean. It can be supplied with extended legs and hoppers in case the machine cannot be placed on a tank or silo.

Criba CPLG para limpieza de granos

For oilseed processing plants from soybeans, sunflower seeds, etc., we manufacture all types of machinery for seed classification. In this area, the DPR gravimetric de-stoner, the SDA honeycomb disc separators and the sieves stand out.

For product transportation within the plant, we offer air or pneumatic conveying systems and mechanical conveyors, to which HSF augers and bucket elevators are added.

For the storage of the final product and by-products we supply special silos with different kinds of extractors. We also supply dry product packaging machines and big bag fillers.

We also manufacture complete dust extraction, suction and air filtering systems. In this area, low pressure fans and HDF bag filters stand out.

Technical information


1- Product inlet

2- Manhole

3- Waste  outlet

4- Sifting discharge

5- Sieve

*According to the requirement 

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