Since 1933, Prillwitz & Co. has been engaged in machines for the industry

Since 1933, Prillwitz & Co. has been engaged in machines and equipment manufacturing for the industry

This type of milling equipment cleans, grinds and sifts the grains so that their different parts can be separated into flours, semolina, hulls, etc.

In order to do so with high yields, its configurations include various types of machines. High technology and the assistance of expert technologists guarantee an unbeatable diagram in our facilities.

The bulk handling machinery sector provides all the necessary equipment for the handling of dry powdered or granulated products in your plant. We have experience in manufacturing and supplying either individual machines or the whole turn key facility. The products or processes are the following:

Industrial storage silos

Manufacture of industrial storage silos: Metal silos made of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, and flexible silos made of Trevira® Fabric. Storage of products

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Filtro separador de polvo

Air extraction and filtration

Demanding environmental, labor and productivity standards in today’s manufacturing industry, with special emphasis on those areas where raw materials in dust phase are transported

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PNBP 700 Neumatic bagging machine

Bagging machines

We have the appropriate equipment for packaging dry products. Not only do we manufacture weighing bagging machines (for filling bags from 10 to 60

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Flaking is a thermomechanical “cook-laminate” process to which the cereals are subjected. With this technology, we obtain high feed digestibility.

It is possible to manufacture flakes from a single grain or to make mixtures of them before crushing. In those cases where it is desired to add vitamins, etc., it is possible to mix later with such micro components.

4. Special applications according to industry

This includes applications developed according to the particular needs of each type of industry. Not only individual machines, but also complete turnkey plants. These elements are divided according to the industry in which they are applied, which are as follows:

Plastic Industry

Machinery for storage of granulated or powdered plastics For all industries that need machinery for the storage of granulated or powdered plastics, Prillwitz designs

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Rice Mills

For the rice industry and rice mills, we have machinery to address various aspects of your needs. Processes in the rice industry where we

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Criba CPLG para limpieza de granos

Grain processing

For grain processing, Prillwitz can supply you with machinery for seed grading. In this line, we highlight the sifters, the SDA honeycomb disc separators

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