CBM Gravity Conveying Pipe

Within the equipment for the transport of products, the modular downspout stands out, which is used for the transport of dry materials by taking advantage of the law of gravity.

Cañeria Modular de bajada por gravedad para productos secos

The main advantage of our downpipes is precisely that they are modular. This allows a quick assembly by joining the different parts with rings and elbows.

Normally, control valves are coupled to the downspouts, which allow not only to verify that the product flow is correct, but also to take samples of the product for later analysis. All the pieces are manufactured with the following inner diameters: 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm. They can be manufactured in rustproof painted iron, as well as in stainless steel of normal or special thickness (indicated for the processing of abrasive products).

In the case of distributor valves, automation is possible by means of pneumatic actuators.

   Technical information:

CMB Modular Piping


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