DPR gravimetric destoner

DPR gravimetric destoner has bee designed to separate the light and heavy fractions of grain and to partially remove dust and impurities. It is also an efficient machine for separating stones and other materials of high specific weight.

Despedradora y deschinadora gravimétrica

Upon reaching the upper sieve, the light fraction and the heavy fraction are separated by the effect of vibration and circulating air, the former being discharged and the latter passing to the lower sieve, together with the stones. In this second sieve a new classification is made separating the stones from the heavy fraction of the product.

The frequency and amplitude of the vibrations, the perforations of the sieves and the circulating air that lifts the cereal, generate a precise operation that ensures a correct separation. The body of the machine has a self-supporting structure linked to the floor by means of springs. The control is carried out by two motor-vibrators. The sieves are made of aluminum with spheres for cleaning.

The DPRra version is supplied with internal air recirculation system with ducting inside the machine body.

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