SDA Grain Classifier

Specially designed for an efficient separation of grains according to their shape, the SDA Separator guarantees a perfect classification of an infinite number of grains, including different varieties of the same seed.

Separador a discos de granos y semillas

This wheat and impurities separator has several rotating honeycombed discs that separate the grains. These rotating discs are partially submerged in the set of grains to be sorted and carry the different seeds in their cavities. As the discs rotate and the loaded seeds are lifted, they fall into small channels. In these channels, the quality extracted can be checked and the particle can be extracted or re-entered into the system by moving a valve.

By means of a thread attached to the disc spokes, the product moves through the machine towards the discs with progressively larger alveoli. At the end of the path, the larger seeds remain and are discharged to the outside through a gate with a register to regulate the level inside the machine.

This system is absolutely versatile and can be configured for the capacity and quantity of grains to be separated.

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