Lump and clod breaker DSE 300 and 570

Do you need to remove lumps or lumps from your product?

Crusher DSE has been designed to reduce the size of lumps in a product that arise due to humidity or long still stay. It is used to break down big size blocks, to more manageable size ones.

When the product falls in the frame, a grill stops the large size blocks and a rotor with strong blades breaks them down in size for subsequent process.

Our crushers can be manufactured in iron, stainless steel as well as other materials as desired. The unit can be customized according to the peculiarities or properties of each product.

Where to place the lump breaker?

The reason for placing a lump breaker is so that large particles of product do not clog and interrupt the flow through the machinery through which the product must circulate. This is why it should be placed as soon as possible at the beginning of the process. In the example of the attached photo, you can see that the lump breaker is directly at the discharge of the big bag unloader. Another very common application is to place it directly under a 25-50 kg bag cutting and emptying hopper.

If it is necessary to separate particles of different sizes for other reasons, we recommend you to visit our sorting and sifting section.

Big bag unloader and lump breaker

   Technical information:

DSE lump breaker


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