Single Pneumatic Pulsed Suction Hopper Loader

The Pneumatic Single Hopper Loader is a complete combo of a pneumatic suction conveying system with all the necessary elements.

Individual Suction Hopper Loader System Components

  • Lance that is introduced into the mass of product to be transported or RSTN. As an alternative it is possible to place a ZTN shoe.
  • Transport conduit with curves and joining elements.
  • Receiver tank with discharge valve.
  • Air separator filter.
  • As a suction element, we can use our regenerative turbines or rotary piston blowers.

Operating principle

Its fundamental characteristic, which differentiates it from other suction pneumatic conveying systems, is that it does not have a rotary discharge valve. In its replacement, it has an electro-pneumatic opening-closing valve. In this way, because the suction can only be produced with the valve closed, it is that the transport is by pulses or batch. During the transport cycle the reservoir is filled, then the suction is removed, the discharge valve is opened to full discharge and closed, and the cycle begins again.

Technical information


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