Perplex Blaster mill

The Disintegrator Mill or also called the Perplex Mill, was designed for grinding a number of products from various industries. This mill guarantees high efficiency and excellent performance.

Components of the MD Perplex Disintergrading Mill

Feed hopper: Once we have the product to be ground in it, it is fed, through an adjustable vibrating dispenser with a valve, to the mill.

Grinding chamber: It consists of a rotating plate composed of grinding pins on two fixed crowns.

Sieve sieve: Composed of several segments of perforated plates that are easy to replace. By placing sheets with different perforations, the desired particle size or granulometry can be regulated.

Construction materials:

Exterior body and door: They are made of cast iron.

Grinding pins: They are made of malleable steel and are riveted to the turntable, allowing easy replacement.

Other types of construction: It is also possible to build it in stainless steel or wear-resistant steel with heat treatments for it.

Technical information


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