SIGMA hammer mill

Versatile industrial hammer mill

Designed to provide high efficiency and versatility in crushing and grinding processes, it finds application not only in the grinding of soybeans, residues, corn, spices and rice, but also in the crushing of other mineral and food products.

Novel design

With an incoming product impact zone and a hard product receptacle, its unique design prevents sieve deterioration, extending the life of the machine. The mill has a grinding chamber with interchangeable plates and a large sifting surface provided with special steel liners with automatic air cleaning, which allow to sift grains and seeds at high speed.

Its motor is perfectly isolated from the rotor by means of an elastic coupling and a trunnion with bearing that prevent motor bearing breakage.

Low maintenance

Unlike other mills, the Sigma hammer mill requires little maintenance because the anti-wear steel hammers that make up the rotor are automatically sharpened and have a high resistance to wear.

For this reason, it is not only used in soybean, residue, corn, spices and rice milling, but also in the crushing of other products in the food, chemical, mining and pharmaceutical industries, guaranteeing excellent performance.

Technical information


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