HDF dust collector

We basically manufacture 3 types of dust collector filters:

  • HDFA filter, designed to optimize dust separation with the addition of the cyclonic effect of the air intake
  • HDFQ filter, designed to save space and reduce costs
  • HDFT filter: small and specially developed for reduced air flow rates such as in the case of hoppers where pneumatic transports are unloaded

Filtro de mangas

Thanks to its innovative design that adds the effect of cyclonic separation, our baghouses are the ideal equipment for efficient dust separation.

With the principle of self-cleaning of baghouses with counter-pressure air, the size of the filters has been significantly reduced and their efficiency increased.

Our dust collector filters can be built with 1 or 2 air inlets. The discharge can be with cone, remover bottom or flange to mount on hopper. It can be suctioned down to -0.3 bar and compressed down to 0.02 bar.

   Technical information:

Bag filter HDF


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