HSD rotary airlock valve for vertical passage or extraction

The HSD vertical discharge valve is a dust control system used as a seal in the discharge of pneumatic conveying systems, under air filters and cyclones, or as a dosing medium for silos, bins and storage hoppers.

Thanks to its precise construction, our HSD discharge sluice works perfectly in both vacuum and effective pressure, ensuring absolute tightness of the product being discharged.

Valvula esclusa rotativa de paso vertical de extracción

Rotary airlocks are critical parts in any industry that processes granular or powdered products – such as the milling, chemical and plastics industries – where they integrate pneumatic conveying and dust control systems and collaborate with product feeders and dosers to the production line.

Technical information



Capacity (Ton/h) = Co x ρ x n x α / 100


Co (m3/h x r.p.m) = Capacity at 100% fill rate for 1 r.p.m. See table.

ρ (Ton/m3) = Specific weight

n (r.p.m) = Revolutions per minute

α (%) = Valve filling percentage

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