HSP rotary or horizontal airlock valve

Specially designed for product intake in horizontal flow in pneumatic conveying lines, the HSP rotary valve allows an ideal mixing of the product with the air in the conveying pipes. Its robust construction gives it great resistance and capacity to withstand high pressures without wearing out. In addition, its precision machining ensures perfect tightness and sealing.

Valvula esclusa giratoria de paso horizontal de admisión

Although normally manufactured in cast iron, we have special rotary airlocks, with internal chrome plating and hardened rotor, for handling abrasive products.
Our inlet valves are used in various industries – milling, chemical, plastic, food, etc. either integrating pneumatic conveying systems, dust control systems and collaborating with product feeders/dosers to the production line.

Technical information



Capacity (Ton/h) = Co x ρ x n x α / 100


Co (m3/h x r.p.m) = Capacity at 100% fill rate for 1 r.p.m. See table.

ρ (Ton/m3) = Specific weight

n (r.p.m) = Revolutions per minute

α (%) = Valve filling percentage

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