EBV 200 Valved screw bagging machine

Valve bagging machine that combines dosing, filling and simultaneous weighing of bags from 10 to 60 kg. For dry products; granulated or powdered.

Embolsadora valvulada a tornillo


  • Bag vibrator for complete filling.
  • Pneumatic bag clamping and ejection.
  • Bag guide to conveyor belt.
  • Bag guide to conveyor belt.
  • Kit for adaptation to open mouth bags.

With pneumatic bag clamping and ejection, it is operated as follows:

The operator just places the bag on the spout and presses the start pedal. Automatically the bag is clamped and starts filling.

The scale is electronic and has 2 cuts. When the first cut is reached, the feed speed is reduced to achieve greater accuracy.

Once the final weight is reached, the bag-holding part is released and the foot rotates the bag away from the spout and makes it fall.

Technical information


            *Capacity: 150 bags of 50kg/h depending on the product, etc.

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