Outdoor storage silos

Conceived for location in outdoor spaces, our silos are manufactured under a meticulous production process to achieve 100% airtightness. 

They can be built in different steels and with a storage capacity between 20 and 300 tons. Their application is unlimited: they can be used as flour silos in the milling industry, pasta factories and bakeries, for the storage of other types of flour in other industries and for the storage of plastic and chemical materials involved in the production process in the homonymous industries.

How do we avoid moisture condensation in outdoor silos?

Humidity inside silos can fundamentally cause 2 types of problems:

a- That moisture in the interior atmosphere condenses and forms water. This occurs because the dew temperature is reached at some time of the day or year and the product does not have the capacity to absorb it.

b- That moisture in the interior atmosphere is absorbed by the product and deteriorates it or forms clods and lumps that prevent unloading from the silo or its subsequent use. This occurs with hydroscopic products, including sugar, some plastics, chlorides such as table salt, etc.

01 – Bag filter

02 – Regenerative dehumidifier

03 – Vibrating extractor

04 – Trilobe rotary blower

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