HIT high speed Mixer

Hit Quick Mixer has been specially designed to mix in 3 to 5 minutes large volumes of product. This mixing machine has a rotor with two worm screws of double fillet, which rotate transporting the product in the opposite direction, thus mixing the different components. Our mixing machine also excels in emptying: with the normal discharge version at one end, the hopper is completely emptied in 20 seconds. With the full-length fast discharge version, discharge is completed in 6 seconds.

Mezclador rápido para mezclar ingredientes y gránulos

We have perfected your high-speed mixers by incorporating a precise double helical auger system that ensures perfect mixing homogeneity.

Its robust construction makes our mixers an indispensable item when mixing all kinds of products and ingredients, from the most abrasive ones such as minerals, to those of difficult sliding such as flours.

For those who need an exact weight control, Prillwitz provides mixers with scales and weighing systems to which a recipe and production control system can be optionally added.

Once the mix is produced, we also provide industrial silos, baggers and big-bag fillers to complete the process.

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